12 Tips to Take a Selfie That Makes a Difference

It shouldn’t take much to snap a great selfie. We all know the feeling: You feel hot and confident, snap a selfie to show it off, but surprise, your camera suddenly becomes cold and vengeful, refusing to capture you as you are.

There are two options. You have two options.

1. Title Something

You can tilt your phone up or down, or to the side . Or you can just keep it still and tilt your head slightly. Alternately, tilt your phone and tilt your head slightly. This will make you look silly for a while until you find your perfect combination of tilt + phone. No matter what you do, taking a selfie directly on your face is not going for the best shot. It also has nothing with your beautiful face. I can vouch for this.

It’s amazing, think about it. Back in the days before cameras phones existed, Jen and Ben were Hollywood’s most powerful couple. We took portraits from a distance using’real’ cameras. This is not the best way to take a great selfie.

When you take a selfie today, you are only an arm’s distance (literally, your actual arm’s length) from the camera. If you are very close to an object (in this instance, your face), it is easier to see it than if you are farther away.

For example, if someone runs off in the distance, they might look tiny. If you only observed what you saw, you might think there was a cat-sized person further away. Your brain has acquired experience and you now know that the runner, while a human-sized cat, is actually a human.

Are you still skeptical? You might also be convinced by the fact that the cylindrical lens of a camera lens can make the object in the middle, usually our nose, appear flatter or wider. Yes, your nose may appear larger. That should be enough proof to ensure you are properly tilting your head when taking selfies. Let’s get on with it.

2. Selfie Eyes Matter

Every photo that we see attracts us. This is half of the appeal of the Mona Lisa. Even though email and iMessage are the most common means of communication today, we are not robots. We are still looking for the human connection that someone sees in us.

The point is to focus your attention on the camera in order to capture a memorable selfie. Focus your attention on the camera and not the entire phone area. Follow my advice and move your head around with your phone to get the best selfie angle. Now, you must freeze, focus, and look deeply into your smartphone’s lens.

Do a few tests if you are like my mom and don’t know where the camera is located in the sleek, mysterious iPhone.

My friends pretend to be seducing the camera when they take a selfie. Some others try to imagine the moment before they laugh. These friends of mine try to soften their eyes and bring out human emotion through their expressions in both cases. A great selfie is a way to connect with anyone looking at you.

3. Yep, Lighting Matters Too

You should avoid harsh lighting such as bright kitchen lights and direct sunlight, regardless of whether you are taking selfies indoors or outdoors. However, ensure there is enough lighting – otherwise your photos will look blurry. No amount of photo editing later will be able to fix this.

The best time to take outdoor photos is before sunset and just after sunrise. These are some basic photography tips for you to consider. I also know that you won’t wake up in the morning if you don’t want to take a selfie.

5. Hidden from the Shadows

While you want the best lighting, it is important to avoid shadows. Even if you have the perfect lighting conditions to take a selfie, it is not cute if shadows from poles or blinds cut across your face.

By taking photos in the shade, you can avoid off-putting shadows. To capture that dewy glow after a run, you can hide under a tree or under a shaded tree.

If this is impossible, you can angle your head so that the sun is directly behind you. This prevents shadows, and you won’t be glancing at the sun from your blinding eyes. You can also use a sun diffuser to control shadows.

6. Smile Normal

Do you remember elementary school photo day? One kid couldn’t smile naturally in front of the camera every single time. A yearbook photo that will haunt everyone’s nightmares.

It is not easy to create a natural smile for the camera. Unnatural smiles can be robotic, artificial, fake, or creepy. This is not something that everyone can do intuitively so you might need to practice.

Practice taking a lot of selfies until you get the best smile. You can open your mouth slightly, pinch your lips, lift your corners, smile wide, and keep your eyes closed. What smile is the most natural?

7. Get the Background Moving

Selfie with your car. Your bedroom wall. Your apartment building lobby mirror. You’ve been there, done that. many. times. It doesn’t have to be a runway for fashion, but it is important that your background is interesting.

You can take selfies at the park, at home or in the grocery store. Make sure you have a background that is interesting. The right angle can make a display of apples look amazing in a store. There are many options if you don’t feel inspired right now. Facetune2’s Backdrop allows you to alter the background for any photo. You can replace your boring background with one of the many options available within Facetune2’s app. Or, you can choose your own photo.

That’s right! It’s possible to be in your bathroom and still look like you are at the beach last weekend.

7. Be confident

While you don’t have to be a confident grown man wearing a fedora, a great selfie can show confidence. You should use body language and exude strength.

Before you take your first selfie, get pumped. Perhaps that’s:

  • Do 10 jumping jacks before you take your selfie. It doesn’t have to ruin your hair.
  • Affirmations in mirrors. It’s a bit strange, isn’t it? It works, it’s true. You could try saying “I’m strong and fearless, but I still make mistakes”, or something similar. It’s easy to believe if you say it enough.
  • In a power position, stand. Standing in a power pose, either with your hands folded in front or on your hips in front of the mirror. Lift your chest and slam your jaw. For a few seconds, stand there and feel like a superhero badass.

You can cultivate confidence and work to improve it. Make yourself confident.

8. One Flash Decision

Have flash? It can be a blessing or a curse for your selfies.

Flash is known for making people’s eyes turn red and washing their skin. It makes you look like a demon-spawned from hell. This is not a cute look, unless it’s Halloween.

Flash provides a flash of light for subjects that really need it. Flash is best used indoors, in dark areas, or where there are many shadows.

Try a different angle if you still look possessed even though you are using flash. Two flashes can be used: one dilates your eyes and prevents red-eye, the other is real.

9. Get to know your good side

You may have already tried tilting the camera in every direction, but how about your actual pose?

People have a “good side” – that side of themselves they like. Which side is yours? Perhaps the freckles on your right side are more revealing of your bubbly personality. Maybe you dislike your right side because of the bump on your nose that resulted from a high school skateboard accident.

Try to choose your best side and take a selfie from that angle. This will save you time and allow you to take more photos. Do what makes your heart happy.

10. Get inspired

It’s hard to take selfies! It’s hard to take selfies!

Inspiration is key. A dose of celebrity selfies can help you feel inspired if you are feeling creatively blocked. You should follow the Kardashians on Instagram. You can also take inspiration from the Instagram feeds of other local influencers that you admire.

What are they wearing? What is the caption? What is the location of the celeb? What is their makeup like? What lighting and angles are they using? You can learn how to take great selfies quickly by doing some recon and mimicking.

11. Try Portrait Mode

You can take great selfies with an iPhone. The iPhone has a special feature for taking glamorous selfies.

Portrait mode is a focus on the subject of the photo and blurs out the background. This creates a professional appearance with little effort. There are many options available, including Natural, Studio and Contour, which can add light or drama to your photo. Some even have skin smoothening. Try Portrait mode to change things up.

12. Facetune is Your BFF for Selfies

You knew it was coming. Facetune and Facetune2 have been on top of the App Store charts since 2013. There’s also a Facetune app for taking selfies. It doesn’t make your weaker, nor does it make you ugly. You become a skilled selfie-taker. It’s easier than ever to take a great selfie. Let’s discuss why.

You can take better selfies with a self-editing app. Because your skin is at war with you, you can easily remove a pimple. Because you watched Netflix until 4am, your dark circles can be covered. Facetune2 allows you to adjust your features using the Reshape tool. We all know photos are on Instagram for a lot longer than blemishes, so I just swipe them away.

You can be creative and self-expressive if you feel particularly creative or expressive. Facetune2 offers a Neon tool that adds a bright glow to your photos, much like the gel filters used in high-fashion photoshoots.

You can also use the Defocus tool to blur the background around your face. This will make your selfie look professional and more organized than the one you have now.

13. The best self-portrait is one that you practice

Knowledge is power. Now that you’re confident in taking the perfect selfie, you’ll be able to conquer any skin issue, fix any background that might bother you (barring a bathroom selfie), and feel like a rockstar. You’ll soon be able to take the best selfies possible.

These are some basic tips and tricks to remember when taking a selfie. You’ll have a great social media presence for all who see it. They are, you know.

Now that you know how to take better selfies, it is time to share your rockstar selfie with the world. Use relevant hashtags (find out why self-promotional hashtags won’t work in 2020) or a captions guide that will stop your followers mid-scroll.

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