5 Flawless Tips for Taking the Best Selfie

Because social media has taken over your life, taking selfies is an integral part of your daily routine. One takes a selfie, does his makeup, then finds amazing lighting, and one snaps 40 photos. If you don’t get the angle right, your photo is less likely to be featured on Insta. These are some easy tips to help you take the best selfies ever.

1. Turn your head towards the camera. To make your eyes seem larger, raise your eyebrows while you do this. Next, find something that makes you smile. This will give your photo a natural, happy look.

2. To create a longer neckline and a sharper jawline, extend your head out from your neck. To make yourself appear more relaxed, you can push your shoulders back.

3. Instead of holding your smartphone in front of yourself, place it on the side to get a perfect angle.

4. Breathe in and relax your lips. This will make your pout appear plump.

5. Slowly spin in a selfie-ready position until you find the best light. Then, snap away!

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