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"A camera didn't make a great picture, anymore than a typewriter wrote a great novel."

- Peter Adams

The Team

At most shoots you'll get to meet my trusty assistants Penn, and Djembe.They are litter-mate brothers, who happen to be "ridge-less" Rhodesian Ridgebacks. They bring a great energy to each shoot, but if for any reason you'd like a shoot without dog kisses, just let me know.


Brent Dundore

Photographer / Husband / Dog Dad


Djembe & Penn

Trusty Assistants



I appreciate you considering me for your next photography needs. I'm passionate about my work, and consider it my responsibility to always surpass my clients needs and expectations of a shoot. I’m not usually someone to talk much about myself, but I bet if you clicked here you're wanting to know more about my background and who I am personally. There’s a lot to what brought me to where I am, so feel free to read more below.


Away from photography you'll usually find me enjoying time with my Tico husband who works at a local University, playing with the pups you see above, or spending time with my loud, crazy, beautiful family.


I began my photography career while in high school, in Minnesota. Knowing I wanted to do bigger things with my work, and that an in-depth education was the best way to slingshot my career, I ventured out to California to attained a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brooks Institute of Photography - with an emphasis in both commercial and advertising photography.


After college I moved to Los Angeles to work in the fast paced photo industry. I started by working as a photo editor for a magazine, and an image developer for a high-end art gallery. I did those jobs while networking with talent agencies in Los Angeles, doing modeling, acting and music portfolios; and yes, a whole lot of acting headshots.

Through that work, I developed my style and continued to promote my business, leading to a couple breaks in the industry with a chance to work with celebrities and commercial clients. While I continued to build success in the industry, I also began to realize that Los Angeles just wasn't for me, so I decided to move back to my roots in Minnesota and open my own photo studio in Minneapolis.


In my process of leaving Los Angeles, I witnessed Prop 8, the anti-gay and unequal marriage amendment to the State Constitution. It’s here where I discovered my passion for activism. When the marriage amendment was passed, I felt my rights stripped away as a person, and as a citizen, and I began marching front line in every protest the city produced.

Once I moved back to my home state of Minnesota, the same marriage amendment was about to be voted on. I felt the need to do something pro-active, producing the Marry Us Campaign - a portrait project showcasing people who supported equal marriage rights for all. I went to countless events, and took portraits of thousands of Minnesotans, giving them an image they could use through social media to start a conversation about what marriage equality meant to them or their loved ones. Minnesota became the first state to vote down a marriage amendment, and I was honored to receive an award through the Pride Organization.

Over the years, I went on to create campaigns such as Broadway Legacy, My Voice Seen, and Why I Ride Project, helping minority groups and non-profits be seen and heard.

My latest passion and endeavor is They/Them Project, which grew from challenging my own ignorance on the subject of gender diversity. I produce the project, which includes interviewing members of the gender nonconforming, Trans+ community, for podcasts and videos, and also photograph them to create traveling photo galleries showcasing their stories to every community. I now do public speaking with the project, and include people from the project to help educate businesses, organizations and anyone else wanting to learn.


I’ve also had the pleasure of working with many large companies and corporations, I refer to this as my commercial work. With these companies, I’m most often working with teams who already know their brand and are seeking out my services because of my experience, my specific style, as well as my expansive professional gear. All of this is why I’m able to help produce organized, well orchestrated shoots to achieve anything a client comes to me for.


Using my education, and professional experience, I take great pride in offering my clients something unique from other photographers in the industry. Over the years, I have worked with many small businesses and entrepreneurs, acting like a small adverting agency. Most often, people come to me knowing they need to refresh their look, and although they see the value in showcasing a specific style and a professional look to their potential clients, they often times admit to me that they really don’t know everything they may need.

With my business clients, whether they are small or big, I start by asking questions to find out exactly where they are now with their business, and where they want to go. I will help you discover your brand, and produce imagery to showcase it to the world.

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