Celeb Tips for Looking Amazing in Photos

They may have an army of personal trainers and stylists, as well as some of world’s most talented genes, but celebrities also have something that makes them look great in every photo they take: their knowledge and experience.

They know what to do before any camera. From the correct angling of the chin to the smallest bodily movements that will make their faces and frames look more attractive, they are able to know what to do . You might also be interested in how to look your best. We’ve collected the top 20 star-approved tips to instantly make you more attractive.

1. Cross your legs

Crossing your legs at your ankles when taking a straight-on picture will create a longer, more vertical line with your body. It will instantly make you look taller and slimmer. If you are looking for additional help in losing weight after the holidays, the Best Method to Lose Weight in the Winter is for you.

2. Tuck your tongue behind the teeth

This is one the most classic red-carpet tricks. Why not tuck your tongue behind the teeth? It not only makes your smile look more natural, but it can also slim down your neck. For more tips on looking your best, check out the 40 Best Things Men Should Wear to Work.

3. Turn your hips back

Attention ladies, this is a way to create a fake thigh space, which is the little space between your inner and outer thighs, according to Aerie model Iskra. We don’t condone the thigh gap obsession of today, but this is one way to achieve it in a photo.

4. Stand on your toes

You can create the illusion of a wider thigh gap by tilting your hips back. Iskra suggests that you tilt your hips back and stand on your toes. Combining these moves creates the illusion that there is more space between your legs. Remember: Confidence is the most important thing in life. These 70 Genius Tricks will help you boost your confidence.

5. Show your left side

Ariana Grande said it: You have a positive side and you should make use of it. According to Wake Forest University researchers, it is usually the left side of your head.

Researchers attribute this phenomenon to “right-hemisphere hypothesis,” which states that the brain’s right side is responsible for visual perception and expression of emotions. The left side of your face therefore is more active.

6. Enlarge the neck and point your chin downward

You can get rid of double chins easily by lengthening your neck. Imagine a string pulling you up and subtly pointing your chin down. This simple trick will help you achieve the most beautiful and chiseled appearance. Remember: 5 Flawless Tips for Taking the Best Selfie

7. Get your foundation right

A poorly-matched foundation can ruin any woman’s look. It can be disastrous for photos, however, this is something that every woman knows. A flash can instantly make your foundation too dark for your skin and give you the appearance of a ghost.

8. Try to “smize.”

This term was created by Tyra Banks , a TV host and supermodel. Try squinting a bit to give your skin a texture. Once you are proficient in the technique, you will never be accused of having a fake smiling face again.

9. Stay bright lipstick

While dark lip gloss is fun, it can also make your lips look older. Brighter lipstick does the opposite. It makes your lips appear fuller, larger, and more vibrant.

10. Move your hips with your hand

According to Iskra, any object in the background of a photograph will always appear larger. If you can tuck your arms slightly back, it will reduce the effect and make your arm look more toned. These 33 ways to stay lean for life are great if you want to lose weight.

Take your photo outdoors between 4-6pm
It’s a known fact that this is the best time of day to look your best. This soft natural light will make your features appear more subtle and give your skin a radiant glow.

12. Shoot starting from above

Remember that is not your friend if they want to take a photo of you from below. (See: Double chin, terrible lighting.) You’ll instantly look slimmer if you make sure that the person who is taking your picture is using a slightly higher setting.

13. Angle your hips

We are not all Kim Kardashian. We can all turn our hips towards the camera to get a few extra pounds off our midsections. You can trust me. It is a trick that everyone, Taylor Swift and Blake Lively knows.

14. If you selfie, selfie down

This is a must-have selfie tip: When taking a picture of yourself, aim the camera directly in front. According to actress CaitlinO’Connor, this angle will give the illusion that your waist is tighter.

15. Use HD make-up

High-definition makeup is a makeup that looks more natural in photos than regular, applied makeup. It was designed specifically for our modern era of HD cameras and has been around for quite some time. The truth is that they work. Nicholas Lujan from Make Up For Ever explained InStyle that while traditional foundations can appear heavy or mask-like, ultra HD foundations mimic skin’s appearance and are easier to see on the camera. Even with very little product, they can improve skin texture and tone.

16. Purse your lips

Take note if you are a fan Chrissy Teigen or Jennifer Lawrence. Both celebs have defined, plump cheeks that make them instantly more photogenic.

17. Laugh

This is a popular tactic for people who take photos for dating apps. Instead of taking a picture, record a video of you hanging out with friends. Take a screenshot of the best moment you see in the video. Why? Your expression won’t appear fake and you won’t appear posed. Try to laugh when you pose for a photograph. You might find something humorous, if that helps.

18. Look for a light

Doing so right before the photo is taken will cause your pupils to shrink. This can be a problem because it causes unwanted red-eye and makes you look unflattering.

19. Insist on one leg for all of your weight

Do you want a sexy look for your next Instagram post? This trick is straight from Instagram models. It will give you a Kardashian-level look by putting all your weight on your right side and then exposing your hips.

20. Remember to be a good person

A crooked spine or hunchback can ruin a photo. When taking photos, ensure you are in the best possible posture. These 10 Secrets to Managing Stress in 10 Minutes or Less )

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